Bringing Bingham Together

Volunteer on Radio Bingham

Radio Bingham is a unique project in the world of Community Radio, this also means that it faces unique challenges.

Traditionally a Community Radio Station (or a commercial one for that matter) would revolve around a central station with mulitple studios and the costs associated, this can (but not always) provide a financial challenge that has proved to much for some stations to survive as the funding must be evenly split between advertising revenue and grants/funding initiatives etc. A lot of community stations start off online and move towards an FM broadcast licence over time, performing a series of RSL (Restricted Service License) broadcasts, typically of a 28 day period, to prove they are capable and stable. With technology improving and the ability to listen online becoming more and more accesible, this is why we are choosing not to chase the ‘FM Dream’ and keep the station online only for the foreseeable future. This will help to keep costs down and provide a platform for those that want to get involved.

So what do we need from our Volunteers?

There are no paid staff at this station which means we need people from all walks of life, we need Technically Minded people to help support the project and it’s presenters, we need business minded people to help with the paperwork and accountants etc. We need Historians to help with the history of the village and it’s surrounding areas, we need musicians and Authorts to share their work, we need Performance groups to provide Radio Plays and other interesting content. we need you! yes You!

So, do you think you have a skill that could help Bingham establish a voice in the community? To provide a warming local sound for those that want to hearing something new? Do you want to present your own show? Do you have an idea that may help?

If so, get in touch now via our Contact Page and we will come back to you as soon as we can.